Baby walrus because why not?

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I was clearing out my phone when I came across these little snapshots I took when I was reporting a baby walrus column (which also has a slideshow with MORE pictures) in Seward a year and a half ago. These guys are grown-ups now, and they live in zoos in Indianapolis and Texas (Mitik actually belongs in New York but his zoo was hurt by Hurricane Sandy and is now being renovated).  These snaps were too cute to delete without sharing.

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Julia O’Malley is a journalist who lives in Anchorage. She writes about culture, family, home, the environment and food in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Baby walrus because why not?

  1. I’d like to know what the beard hairs on a walrus feel like. Are they soft and tender when wet and then more coarse when dry, or always one way or the other?


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