21 #SoAnchorage Holiday Delights: #4, kiss somebody

You know what you need? Some mistletoe. (That up there is mistletoe from the angle you see it when you are about to get kissed) Anyway, it tends to sell out, but if you can get it, a bunch  will set you back $5. Myself, I like an excuse to go to Alaska Mill and Feed and walk around among the Christmas trees anyway. They have mistletoe in stock as of today. Look how festive:


And it smells great. Anyway, mistletoe grows on oak trees. It stays green in the winter when the tree goes bare, a symbol life in the dark, cold, short days.  AND it increases the likelihood of kissing. I say that’s a win all around.

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Julia O’Malley is a journalist who lives in Anchorage. She writes about culture, family, home, the environment and food in Alaska.

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