This is cool: A Steller Story from St. George

Just got back last night from a wild trip to Adak with Alaska photographer Nathaniel Wilder. He showed me this lovely multi-media postcard (done with Steller Stories and meant to be viewed on your phone) from his trip to St. George Island on the plane (in an effort to convince me to pitch a story there… The jury is still out on that…). I wanted to share it with you all because it’s gorgeous. It looks best on your phone. Stay tuned for our story from Adak….

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Julia O’Malley is a journalist who lives in Anchorage. She writes about culture, family, home, the environment and food in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “This is cool: A Steller Story from St. George

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of St George on your website Julia. It’s a beautiful place to live I was born and raised there and go back periodically. World class and spiritually inspiring place to live and visit….


  2. Excellent shot of the Pleistocene island nub emerging from Beringia! Phenomenal ecological haven from deep in St George Undersea Canyon to the highest cliff and mountaintop. The tenacity and vigor of past elders is reflected in St. George’s modern youth. I have been fortunate to call into port at Zapadni Bay intermittently since 1988 – enjoying stunning biological specters and a warm community. #pribilofdomaiin


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