Before and After: Pink bathroom #2 goes family friendly

The original ’60s upstairs bathroom in our house was, compared to everything else we were dealing with, not too bad. It was done in cream and a mauve pink color. The wall-mounted toilet was pink and so was the tub. It had two sinks with brown floral designs inside. One of them was specialty sized for hair-washing. And look, an intercom!

The plan we had for how we were going to use the upstairs part of our house called for a roomy bathroom that could accommodate a family with little kids. Working with contractor K&W Interiors and designer Fernanda Conrad, we gave it a simple, functional makeover:


The biggest thing we did was replace the bathtub with a shower. We used a pre-made shower pan and white subway tile. There’s a small bench and a corner shelf. I found the double shower head at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Here’s the view from the shower. I used film on the lower half of the window so we wouldn’t flash anybody:



The double sink plumbing set-up allowed for two new vanities, a kid one and a larger adult one. We went with basic shaker in hickory, with white laminate tops and basic white sinks:



We painted the room brilliant white. We replaced the fan with a quiet Panasonic version and replaced the window in the shower. I found a new wall-mounted toilet (More about the toilets in this post about our downstairs bathroom) We replaced the floors with this brushed grey vinyl that Fernanda found.


The light fixtures, which I don’t love but don’t hate, are from Lowes. (Light fixtures for vanities are so hard!) I found the mother-of-pearl mirrors at Pier One.



The towels and shower curtain are from the adorable Nate Berkus Target line which was just on sale. The marble vanity accessories are Target as well.



This guy, who needs a shower, can’t wait to mess this bathroom up. (Yes, he is dipping a quesadilla and a sausage link in his smoothie):



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Julia O’Malley is a journalist who lives in Anchorage. She writes about culture, family, home, the environment and food in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Before and After: Pink bathroom #2 goes family friendly

  1. I love K&W Interiors! They redid both of our bathrooms in Anchorage. Now we live in Spokane and I wish they had an office here to help me with my kitchen and bathroom.


  2. Thank you for the info on a reasonable replacement for the wall hung toilets. We have three commercial ones from the 70’s(pretty sure they are eco friendly on water) and have been rebuilding the insides but need new ones.


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