My site offers a unique opportunity to reach a targeted, connected niche: women in Anchorage and Alaska, ages 25-65. I am always looking for partners with products and services that fit with my brand and would be of value to my audience.

My readers interests include local retail, children, family, food, gardening, home decor, health, athletics, human interest and Alaska culture. More specific metrics about education, family size and household income, are available upon request.

Sponsorship opportunities include static ads, video ads and sponsored posts (like this one). The benefit of sponsored posts is that they are searchable and can promote your business or service after their featured month on my site. I work with an ad-writing partner who can help to craft a sponsored post to meet your needs. Sponsors can also opt to have access to social media feeds. A single boosted post on Facebook can be seen by 30,000 women in Anchorage.

Ad space is limited. Discounts are available for multi-month purchases. Contact me for more details:

  • linn schmidt


    …glad to see the younger generation continuing to document the ‘first nation’ history…peace, linn

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