Before and after: The tiny patio + fence project

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.06.46 PM

There were some things I wish I’d done differently when I negotiated the purchase of our old house. And, one of them was coming to an agreement about dealing with the totally dilapidated fence. Looking out the kitchen window was not a pretty sight: Even minus the fence, the side yard was UGLY and full […]

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For the ADN: “I know it’s not going to last”

Jen bathes Sky for the first time at the Ronald Mcdonald House, 6 days after her birth. After the team observed Sky for several days in the NICU, they decided that her heart defects were having a balancing effect for the time being, and that although she would need to return for heart surgery soon, she could go home./ASH ADAMS

I’m so proud of my friend Ash Adams  for her work on this photo story, “Carrying Sky,” about Jennifer and Aaron Allison and their daughter Sky, who was not expected to live after her birth because of a severe birth defect called heterotaxy. Sky turned 1 in May, and is medically very fragile. Her parents and siblings […]

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Salmon Life: “The Right Kind of Hungry”

Ash Adams photo

My essay, “The Right Kind of Hungry,” on grilling salmon in the collection Made of Salmon was just published online as part of the Salmon Life project (with gorgeous photos by Ash Adams). In case you didn’t get a chance to see it in the book, here’s a taste…  I will give you my salmon recipe. It […]

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